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Experience the future of digital cash.

With Centbee Wallet, you can easily send and receive digital cash, shop online, and chat with friends - all in one secure platform. Say goodbye to traditional banking and hello to the future of money.


Why Centbee?

Centbee Wallet is more than just a digital wallet. It's a social network for money where you can chat, shop, and send digital cash to your friends and family. With its user-friendly interface and advanced security features, Centbee Wallet make managing your digital assets effortless and secure. Try it today and join the future of money.

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vouchers & more!

Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional payment methods. With Centbee Wallet's prepaid feature, you can use your digital cash to shop at over 2000+ brands. Enjoy the freedom of shopping anywhere, anytime, without worrying about carrying cash or using credit cards.

Send money

across the globe at low rates!

Don't let high fees and slow transfer times hold you back from sending money to your loved ones. With Centbee Wallet, you can send local currencies directly to beneficiaries with lightning-fast speed and low fees. Chat, shop, store, and send digital cash all in one place with ease.

Chat Pay

Connect with family & friends!

Tired of high transaction fees? With Centbee Wallet's Chat Pay feature, you can send digital cash to your contacts instantly and without any fees. It's never been easier to shop, store, and send money using your mobile device. Join the super-cool social network for money today.

Honey Rewards
Earn BSV honey rewards every time you use the app. Check out the list of activities that can earn you the most Honey Rewards. Shop at 100s of stores for all the things you want. Earn #HoneyRewards with every purchase!
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Have Questions? Look Here.

Got a question? We are here to answer! See questions below or visit or Help Centre for more.

Centbee Wallet users  can now purchase prepaid Airtime, Data and Electricity Uber & more directly from their Centbee Wallet see more below.

International Top Up

You can Top up your wallet with BSV using your credit card directly in app, your wallet will be loaded with your desired amount of BSV in a few seconds.


  • Click “Top up” on the Wallet Menu
  • Select Credit card Option
  • Enter any amount above USD
  • Click “Create Voucher”.
  • BSV is instantly loaded onto your Centbee wallet

Follow steps below to Top up your Centbee Wallet

South African Top Up

  • Click “Top up” on the Wallet Menu
  • Select between In Store, Bank Account or Credit Card Option
  • Enter any amount between R20 – your daily limit
  • Click “Create Voucher”.
  • Show the created Voucher Barcode to the teller at any store supporting Pay@ in South Africa.
    BSV is instantly loaded onto your Centbee wallet

Yes, you can easily send BSV to someone who does not have a Centbee wallet by sending it to their BSV receive address or scanning their BSV QR code. Double-check that you are sending your BSV to their BSV address. If you accidentally send your BSV to a BTC or BCH address it will be lost and cannot be recovered or returned to you.

Yes, your Centbee wallet app works internationally for sending and receiving BSV, to any BSV address. All you need is a smart-phone with a SIM card. We will send a One-time-PIN (“OTP”) to that mobile phone number when you register. Centbee is based in South Africa and some of our ‘Top-up’ features only work in South Africa at this time. We are working on expanding internationally.

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Go to your mobile app store and search for "Centbee"

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by Using your mobile number, setting up your paymail & passcode

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