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Centbee believes that Bitcoin SV will be the fastest, cheapest and best way to pay for goods and services at any retailer anywhere in the world. Centbee is building an ecosystem of merchants and customers, providing the ‘on-ramps’ to the bitcoin super-highway.

We see the opportunity to leverage Bitcoin SV to provide services to a global customer base by providing an intuitive Bitcoin SV  wallet. The wallet can be used to send and receive Bitcoin SV easily to friends and family using a mobile number, and to pay real-world merchants. Currently, few merchants accept Bitcoin SV, but Centbee can provide simple and reliable interfaces to allow any merchant to register and receive payment – settled into their bank account in fiat currency. This removes the risk of Bitcoin SV price volatility and leverages the immutability of the blockchain network.

Centbee recognises the need to inform and educate regulators, merchants, media and customers about Bitcoin SV and blockchain. Co-CEO, Lorien Gamaroff, is in high demand at international conferences and private events, where he is able to make anyone an expert in only an hour. The purpose of their educational efforts is to increase awareness of Bitcoin SV, to reduce misconceptions, and to encourage adoption of Bitcoin SV.

Centbee is currently based in Johannesburg, South Africa and UK and has a staff complement of 9.

The remittance model uses Bitcoin SV as the ‘rails’ to make cross-border payments to support family as easily and cheaply as possible. The social importance of this service cannot be overemphasized, and Centbee believes that through providing a commercial service, they are helping people to connect with and provide for their loved ones.