FAQ Topics: General

  • Is Centbee Wallet Free To Use?

    Yes, it is free to ‘deposit’ or ‘withdraw’ BSV to or from your Centbee wallet. If you ‘Top-up’ your wallet we charge a small ‘load’ fee. There is also a very small ‘mining fee’ or processing fee that is less than one cent (R0.01) that gets charged by the BSV network when you move BSV […]

  • Which Digital Currency Does Centbee Support?

    The Centbee app is designed to make it the easiest way to buy BSV, keep BSV, and send BSV to your friends. The BSV blockchain is the only digital currency that makes it possible to send money in seconds for a fraction of a cent as a fee. The way the BSV blockchain is designed […]

  • How Do I Up My Limits?

    For your KYC level to be raised the following is required. Proof of Address – Must meet bank standards Valid ID Document

  • What Can I Buy With My Digital Cash?

    Centbee Wallet users can now purchase prepaid Airtime, Data, and Electricity Uber & more directly from their Centbee Wallet see more below:

  • How Do I Receive Digital Cash?

    It is easy to receive Digital Cash in your Centbee wallet, it can be done in 3 ways: Select “RECEIVE” from the home page of the app and Share your QR code with a friend Share your BSV address with a friend Ask a friend to send you BSV from the “Contact Send” feature on […]

  • Can i use Centbee on my computer?

    Centbee is available as a mobile phone app in the Google Play Store , App Store & Huawei . We do not offer a desktop version of the Centbee wallet app.