FAQ Topics: Top Ups

  • Why do Top Ups and Withdrawals require Identity Verification?

    When purchasing any form of Digital Currency on any global Digital Currency exchange you are required to go through the Know-Your-Customer Identity verification processes. We believe it is prudent to minimize the risk of money laundering and is done to adhere to global regulatory standards.

  • How Do I Top Up ( SA In-Store Option )

    A Centbee in-app feature that enables users with South African bank accounts or has direct access to local Supermarkets to Top-up their wallet with BSV. Follow the steps below to Top up your Centbee Wallet Click “Top up” on the Wallet Menu Select In-store option Enter any amount above R100 Click “create voucher”. Show the […]

  • How Do I Top Up My Digital Cash Balance ?

    There are a variety of ways to load BSV into your wallet: 1. Ask a friend who has the Centbee wallet to send some BSV to your Centbee wallet. If they have your mobile phone number, they can simply select your name from their Contacts list to send you BSV. 2. Click on the ‘RECEIVE’ icon on […]