FAQ Topics: Troubleshoot

  • What To Do If I Cannot Access My Centbee Wallet Account?

    Please contact support@centbee.com and we will do our best to help you. Keep your private 12-word backup phrase and 4-digit PIN secret, you will not be asked to share this information.

  • What Happens If I Lose My Phone Or Change My Sim Card?

    As long as you have safely stored the 12-word backup phrase created for you during the registration process and your 4-digit PIN, you can successfully recover your wallet on a new device or SIM card.

  • Sent BSV To BTC Address

    Bitcoin SV (BSV) and Bitcoin Core (BTC) use the same Bitcoin address format (called “legacy”). Hence it is possible to send BSV from the Centbee wallet to an address that is on the BTC network. Typically the Centbee customer was provided with a receive address that they think is BSV, but is actually a BCH […]

  • Send Screen Not Loading

    This could be a device Permission issue. Go to your Phone Settings. You will need to find Applications and then Centbee. Look for the Permissions option. Allow Centbee to access your Contacts. Android Devices go to Phone Settings – Apps – Centbee – Permissions Then able to allow Contacts. Close and reopen Centbee and the Send screen should work […]

  • Lost Wallet Phrase And/Or PIN

    Centbee is a non-custodial wallet. This means we do not keep the users Private Key information. The only way to recover a wallet is with the 12 word backup phrase and 4 digit PIN. It is important to tap the BACKUP WALLET button on the Home Screen and to write the 12 words and PIN down and keep them safe. […]

  • I Lost My Phone, What Can I Do?

    It is important to backup your wallet and keep your Backup Phrase (Mnemonic) in a safe place. You can retrieve your current Backup Phrase under the Settings section of the application. When you loose your phone and reinstall the Centbee Wallet Application you have the option to import a wallet and this is where you […]