Cash Back Rewards!

You earn BSV Honey Rewards 🍯 when you use Centbee so explore and personalize your wallet. You earn the most when you spend your BSV on all the things you love.

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Total Rewards Paid Out
How to earn honey rewards
  • Top Up

  • Shop

  • Send

  • Verify Identity

  • WIndow Shop

  • Daily Login

How do you earn Honey Rewards? 🍯

Earning honey rewards is easy. If you engage with your wallet and use it often we will reward you!

We want to encourage users to actually use their BSV.

Other ways to earn 🍯

There are lots of other ways you can earn Honey. We want you to make Centbee your own.

  • Add a profile photo and change the Theme

  • Update your name

  • Check your Notifications and explore the wallet

These and other actions will earn you Honey.