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There are a variety of ways to load Bitcoin SV (BSV) into your wallet:

1.Ask a friend who has the Centbee wallet to send some Bitcoin SV to your Centbee wallet. If they have your mobile phone number, they can simply select your name from their Contacts list to send you Bitcoin SV.

2.Click on the ‘RECEIVE’ icon on the Centbee wallet home screen to get your Bitcoin SV address or QR code. Share that address with a friend and they’ll easily be able to send you Bitcoin SV from their Bitcoin SV wallet.

3. In South Africa, you can get Bitcoin SV at most supermarkets including Shoprite, Checkers, Game and Pick n Pay. Click on ‘Buy Bitcoin’ in the Centbee app, and follow the steps to create a barcode. Show that barcode (or the associated number) to the teller. They’ll use it to ring up your purchase of Bitcoin SV. Pay them the amount you want to load to your Centbee wallet, and as soon as you’ve paid, the Bitcoin SV will be in your Centbee wallet. See the list of stores here.

4. Exchange any of your existing cryptocurrency into Bitcoin SV via a reputable cryptocurrency exchange and send it to your Centbee wallet address.

5. Buy Bitcoin SV directly from a reputable cryptocurrency exchange then send it to your Centbee wallet address. Here is a list of Crypto-Exchanges that can currently assist you to buy or exchange Bitcoin SV (BSV). IMPORTANT: The list below does not constitute an endorsement of any of the cryptocurrency exchanges. Okex Float SV CoinSquare Coinify CoinGate VALR Altcointrader Bitfinex Bittrex Poloniex.

6. You can now top-up your Centbee Wallet with Bitcoin SV directly in-app through your Bank account. Bank account transfers are completely safe and secure and are powered by Ozow. Currently only available in South Africa. Enter your Profile details for KYC before purchasing Bitcoin Click “Top up” on the Wallet Menu Select “Bank Transfer” option Enter any amount from R20 Click “NEXT” Select your bank and enter your banking credentials Approve transaction in your banking app Bitcoin SV is instantly loaded onto your Centbee wallet

7. We rely on integrations with various payment processors to complete your purchase of BitcoinSV. If you purchased from a credit or debit card via Coinify, it is possible that the authorisation from your credit / debit card was not approved by your bank. Please check that you received and responded to any One-Time-PIN or payment confirmation required by your card company. Please also check with your card company whether they have declined the purchase transaction.
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