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Personal Paymail

What is a paymail?

Paymail is a revolutionary new capability available to Bitcoin SV only. It allows you to send Bitcoin SV to paymail addresses, which look just like email addresses, instead of complicated Bitcoin SV addresses. Now you can personalize your paymail to be your own email address instead of [handle]@centbee.com. These instructions will help you set up your own email to use as your paymail in Centbee Wallet.

Benefits of a paymail?

  • User-friendly payment destinations through memorable handles

  • Permissionless implementation

  • Self-hosted or delegated to a managed service

How to set up your Personal Paymail

Step 1

  • Edit your Profile in Centbee.
  • Add your email in the Email field.

Step 2

Parameter Value
Service _bsvalias
Protocol _tcp
name your domain (example.com)
target - [OPTIONAL] your domain (example.com)
TTL 3600 (see notes)
Priority 10
Weight 10
Port 443

The TTL parameter should be set very low for test configurations (a few seconds), whereas for production deployments this should be set higher, to allow caching to work. A value of 3600 is suggested for production deployments.Although the DNS system allows for multiple records with a variety of priorities and weights, which allows for some level of traffic management, resilience, and load-balancing via DNS records, it is recommended by this specification that these considerations be handled by more modern infrastructure and only a single SRV record be created.

Amazon Web Services Example

GoDaddy Example


Step 3

Method 1

Add a file named bsv alias the following directory on your web site.


Contents of File:

{bsvalias“: 1.0,capabilities“: {6745385c3fc0“: true,pki“: https://services.centbee.com/paymail/v1/id/{alias}@{domain.tld},paymentDestination“: https://services.centbee.com/paymail/v1/payment-destination/{alias}@{domain.tld},a9f510c16bde“: https://services.centbee.com/paymail/v1/verifypubkey/{alias}@{domain.tld}/{pubkey},f12f968c92d6“: https://services.centbee.com/paymail/v1/public-profile/{alias}@{domain.tld}}}

Method 2

Create a redirect url: 

[your website url]/.well-known/bsvalias

must point to: