Using the BitcoinSV blockchain for secure remittance makes transactions safe, easy and fast.

 Centbee helps people connect with and provide for their loved ones by facilitating cross-border payments instantly for under $1 per transaction.

Using the Centbee App to send money overseas is safe, secure and fast. Centbee’s vision is to position ourselves as a leading provider of global remittance through:

  • Provision of an intuitive App
  • Retail PoS integration
  • Leveraging the global Bitcoin blockchain settlement system
  • In-country partnerships for cash-out
  • Bringing foot-fall into the branches
  • The cheapest way to send money overseas
  • Money arrives overseas less than 10 minutes after it was sent
  • Integration with trusted retailers
  • No Paperwork needed
  • Safer than informal networks
  • Clear and transparent costs – Know what you’re paying for
  • Real-time exchange rate
  • Cash-out available at outlets everywhere
  • No onerous on-boarding vetting and paper-work for customers
  • In-lane integration (no dedicated tellers needed)
  • Bringing foot-fall into the branches