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What are Honey Rewards?

You earn BSV Honey Rewards 🍯 when you use Centbee so explore and personalize your wallet. You earn the most when you spend your BSV on all the things you love.

Total Honey Rewards Paid Out

How do you earn Honey Rewards? 🍯

Earning spendable honey rewards is easy.

explore Centbee and discover more ways to earn.

Don't wait! Earn cash back rewards!

more ways to earn 🍯

There are lots of other ways you can earn Honey.

  • Add a profile photo and change the Theme

  • Update your name

  • Check your notifications, transactions and explore more

  • Earn Rewards

    Earn spendable Honey Rewards🍯 every time you use Centbee.

Step By Step Guide
How to Send money

Follow the Step By Step Guide​ below to start sending

Step 1

Click Send on the home screen or on the menu

Step 2

Select an option how to send

Step 3

Capture Beneficiary's details and save

Step 4

Enter your desired amount to send

Step 5

Confirm & send

Once you have confirmed the amount to send, your contact will be paid in their local currency within minutes.