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Abroad with Centbee, Experience lightning-fast, budget-friendly money transfers.

Why send money with Centbee?

No more high fees and delayed transfers! With Centbee you can easily send cash, allowing you to send money to share with your loved ones. Whether you're supporting family members or just looking to help out a friend in need, our cool and cost-effective solution has got you covered!

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Money Transfers


Money Transfers

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Money Transfers

Benefits Send money with Centbee

  • Faster Transactions

    No more waiting around for your money to arrive - we're all about speed!

  • Cheaper Rates

    Send money worry-free with affordable rates

  • Global Reach

    Transfer funds worldwide effortlessly.

Other Options

send Digital cash to your contacts or to other BSV wallets using their Mobile Numbers , $Handles , Paymail and BSV addresses at zero rates, and rapid speed .

Step By Step Guide
How to Send money

Follow the Step By Step Guide​ below to start sending

Step 1

Click Send on the home screen or on the menu

Step 2

Select an option how to send

Step 3

Capture Beneficiary's details and save

Step 4

Enter your desired amount to send

Step 5

Confirm & send

Once you have confirmed the amount to send, your contact will be paid in their local currency within minutes. 

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