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Service Outage – September 20

On Friday September 20th, at approximately 21h00 GMT, Centbee wallet suffered a service outage which lasted into the early hours of Saturday the 21st of September. Users experienced balance and transaction issues and were unable to send bitcoin.

The problems experienced were due to a faulty internal system process that incorrectly calculated satoshi amounts and dates for several blocks. Centbee has extensive infrastructure to manage load and we have load balanced our services to create a redundant system. The date and amount issues, however, corrupted our database which meant that all transactions that were processed subsequently were affected.

The issue was discovered and the blocks of transactions which were affected were reprocessed. This corrected the problem and Centbee services came back online.

We have put measures in place to stop this issue from reoccurring. We are proud of our infrastructure and believe that it is scalable and resilient. We apologise for any inconvenience that was caused to users over the period of the outage and we are determined to continue providing a great service and the best customer support to our users.

Lloyd Sayce

CTO of Centbee