Centbee is a wallet for sending, receiving or storing your Bitcoin SV.

A BSV-exclusive and user-friendly mobile wallet that allows transacting (and soon also chatting with ChatPay) on the Bitcoin SV blockchain through the mere use of mobile phone numbers.


Why Centbee?

We’ve made Centbee the easiest and fastest way to get your money from A to B
at the lowest cost. It’s simple, reliable and convenient.


With Centbee sending Bitcoin SV to friends takes less than 2 seconds.


You can send Bitcoin SV to your friends by selecting them from your phone’s contact list.


With Centbee you can send Bitcoin SV to anyone, anywhere in the world for less than 1$.

Stay connected and immediately send money to family & friends, anywhere anytime.

Purchase goods with easy payment to registered merchants.

Send money anywhere anytime at the lowest rate in the market.

Purchase data and airtime from any of your registered network providers.

Send a Bitcoin SV gift voucher to your loved ones and friends.

Pay utilities bills at the tip of your fingers.