Why ?

Centbee is a user-friendly Bitcoin SV mobile wallet that allows transacting with Bitcoin SV. We’ve made is easy to spend, receive, and store your Bitcoin SV.


Contact Pay

Stay connected and send Bitcoin SV to your contacts, family & friends, anywhere, anytime, using their mobile number, $handles & @paymail address instead of complicated Bitcoin addresses.

Top-up at your nearest retail store

A world first, top-up your Centbee Wallet with Bitcoin SV at your nearest retail store. Currently only available in South Africa, but keep an eye on our expansion plans.

Bitcoin SV sends in seconds

Send money from A to B in seconds,
to anywhere in the world.

Light or dark mode

Some like it light, some like it dark.
Pick your mode based on your mood.

Dedicated Customer support

Reach out to our dedicated support team on Twitter, Email, Telegram or give them a call if you are experiencing any problems with your wallet, need help or have any feedback.

Trusted experience and industry best practice

Founded by leading blockchain and financial regulation experts, the Centbee team consults to the South African Reserve Bank and other regulators regarding policy and regulation development. Our distinguished team speak at leading crypto and blockchain events around the world. Find out more here.

The most secure and stable cryptocurrency

We believe that only the original Bitcoin protocol has the technical and economic fundamentals to become global money, and so we only support Bitcoin SV.

Low cost

Send Bitcoin SV to friends anywhere in the world in less than 2 seconds, for less than $0.001.


Security comes first. No Centbee wallet has ever been hacked or compromised. Centbee does not hold your funds, they are stored on your mobile device. Make sure to backup your secret passphrase and PIN.

Easy to use

Designed with ease of use in mind, Centbee is the simplest and easiest to use Bitcoin SV wallet.

Download Centbee, Discover BitcoinSV.