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money transfers directly to bank accounts, Mobile & Cash transfers, fast easy, and cheaper.

Send local Currencies to beneficiaries in africa within 10 seconds!.

Centbee wallet makes it easy to send money across the world. Send directly to the beneficiary's Bank accounts, Mobile Money & Cash Collections at better rates, speed, and fees.

  • Send money to over 15+ Countries around Africa

    We are proud to say that our product is available in over 15+ countries across Africa. The reach of our product is unparalleled and we are constantly working to expand our horizons.

Bank Accounts!

Money can be sent directly to a United Kingdom bank account through a Centbee wallet, which is faster than traditional bank transfers. The sender doesn’t need a bank account to send the money. The transfer process only takes a few minutes.

  • Send to over 11+ Countries

    Send money conveniently across Africa, directly to the recipient's bank account by providing details

  • Over 50+ African Banks

    with an extensive foot print of over 50 + banks across 15+ countries

Mobile Money

Mobile money is a convenient method to receive funds through a mobile phone. It works like a mobile wallet, and the beneficiary can withdraw the money in cash.

  • Send to over 8+ Countries

    Send money from your Centbee wallet directly to recipient's Mobile Money Wallet. This can be an excellent way of easily getting your money to your recipient if they do not have access to a bank account.

  • Reputable Network Providers

    Over 14 million mobile wallets subscribers send money directly to mobile phones

Cash Collections

Send money to authorized agents in Africa easily. Our pick points are located in various areas for convenient access. Once we receive your payment, we’ll send the collection details to the recipient via SMS. Recipients can collect the money from any of our payout partners.

  • Send to over 5+ Countries

    Users can send money across 8 African countries directly to agents where the recipient can withdraw by providing details

  • Convenient Cash Out Locations

    The recipient receives the money in cash from any payout location near them. This transfer is instant.

Benefits Send money with Centbee

  • Faster Transactions

    No more waiting around for your money to arrive - we're all about speed!

  • Cheaper Rates

    Send money worry-free with affordable rates

  • Global Reach

    Transfer funds worldwide effortlessly.

  • Multi Currency Support

    Easily send money worldwide in local currencies. No more exchange rate surprises or hidden fees. Get started today

settle payments of up to $5, 000 within 10 seconds.

Step By Step Guide!

Easy Steps to send money with ease at low rates & rapid speed!

Step 1

Click Send on the home screen or on the menu

Step 2

Select an option how to send

Step 3

Capture Beneficiary's details and save

Step 4

Enter your desired amount to send

Step 5

Confirm & send

Once you have confirmed the amount to send, your contact will be paid in their local currency within minutes.