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Centbee wallet thrives on its simplistic & intuitive user experience, straight forward UI without getting lost, confused, or frustrated with how the app works.


Buy from your favourite brands & stores from all over the world. It helps you get through your day-to-day needs hassle-free & at lower fees. 

Top Up

Top-up your Centbee Wallet with BSV. Do not wait for your wallet to run dry. This feature enables you to keep your wallet balance afloat at all times.


Send money across the world to your friends & family from your contacts list in seconds at lower rates.


Withdraw your BSV Into your local currency. This feature is currently available only in South Africa.

Personal Paymail

Paymail is a revolutionary new capability available to BSV only. It allows you to send BSV to paymail addresses, which look just like email addresses, instead of complicated BSV addresses.

Payment Request

Running a small Business on the Go? Request BSV payments from your customers with ease. Your contact will receive a notification and a simple button to make the payment.


You can backup your wallet by writing down your 12 word phrase and storing it in a secure place. This ensures that your coins are always safe and secure. Your 12 word phrase  can be used to restore your wallet if installed on a different device


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