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Money transfers without the hassle and fees associated with conventional banking.

Send money directly to european bank accounts of up to 15.000 EUR within 10 seconds.

Centbee wallet makes it easy to send money across the world. Send directly to the beneficiary's bank accounts at better rates, speed, and fees.

The money is deposited directly to the recipient bank in the United Kingdom. The advantage of this method over traditional bank transfers is that the sender doesn’t need to have a bank account. Instead, they can send directly from their Centbee wallet. The transfer only takes minutes.


Connect with family & friends!

No more high fees and delayed transfers! with Centbee you can easily send local currencies at a fraction of the cost, giving you more money to share with your loved ones. Whether you're supporting family members or just looking to help out a friend in need, our cool and cost-effective solution has got you covered!

Advantage of sending money with Centbee

  • Speed

    When it comes to sending money, waiting around for it to arrive can be a real drag. That's why our service is all about speed - we get your money where it needs to go fast. With our platform, you won't have to sit around twiddling your thumbs, wondering when your transfer will finally come through. We don't mess around when it comes to speed!

  • Rates

    Our platform offers better exchange rates than any other money transfer service out there. With us, you can finally send money to your loved ones without having to worry about inflated fees or hidden charges.

  • Global Reach

    Our platform has got you covered with its global reach. You can now transfer funds to your loved ones or business partners without any hassle, no matter where they are located. So go ahead and make those international transactions with ease!

  • Multi Currency Support

    easily send money across the world in local currencies. No more worrying about fluctuating exchange rates or hidden fees. We've made it all simple and straightforward. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and start sending money the smart way!

All you need is an IBAN number!!

settle payments of up to 15, 000 EUR within 10 seconds

Step By Step Guide!

Easy Steps to send money with ease at low rates & rapid speed!

Step 1

Click Send on the home screen or on the menu

Step 2

Select an option how to send

Step 3

Capture Beneficiary's details and save

Step 4

Enter your desired amount to send

Step 5

Confirm & send

Once you have confirmed the amount to send, your contact will be paid in their local currency within minutes. 

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